Our brain on “freezing”

According to psychological science, there is no bigger fear than the fear of the unknown as of today’s research body. A day/month/year/century from now somebody can prove that there are fears which are bigger than fear of the unknown.

We always tend to the things that we know instead of the things that we don’t know. Now we can easily apply limits on the things that scare us or make our brain freeze in fight/flight/freeze response situations. Our brain freezes when we start assuming an infinite number of unknown things can happen to us. And on the other hand, if you want to un-freeze your brain then you need to believe that the number of things that can happen to me is not infinite. Even if that thing is a bad thing. You can think it like this, the fear created by severe bad things but finite in number are much lesser than the fear created by mildly bad but infinite things. That’s why people say whenever you are feeling afraid, just think what is the worst outcome and suddenly you start feeling better because the moment you think about the worst outcome, exactly at that moment you tell yourself that there are only finite outcomes instead of infinite, even if they are bad.

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