Materials as a proof of concept (MaaP)

During my today’s paper reading session I had an epiphany about the usability of the 2D materials or in fact any material for that matter. I came across a paper [1]. That says, there was a person 50-ish years ago who theoretically devised a quantum phenomenon (Exciton Condensation) and in this paper, we are giving experimental proof of that phenomenon in a 2D material (MoS2). From reading this a thought came to my mind since they could have used any other 2D materials for this purpose so materials do not have to serve the only purpose of application in a device they can serve as a platform to give the proof of a concept about a theoretical phenomenon that has not been given yet. Or we can go one step further and say since there are infinite configurations that exist in which atoms can be arranged to form discovered/undiscovered materials there must be infinite theoretical concepts that shall exist which will be experimentally confirmed by those unrealized materials.


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