What to focus on?

You must have heard; focus on a thing that you looking at. Cool, I shall focus on that thing that I am looking at. But I am looking at? a car, or wheel of that car? or rim of that car? or the one part of the wheel of that car? or a subpart of the part of the wheel of that car? or maybe a molecule that is building up the wheel of of that car? And here is the confusion, I can’t see the molecule of that car’s wheel let alone the atom or sub-atomic particles. The moment I realized it; i went into fear of unknown which is the loose definition of the depression and all other negative mental states.

Which one is worst: a mind who doesn’t thinks or the one that thinks bad.

In my opinion, the mind who doesn’t think is the worst. Since it is not creating any data points/boundary conditions. A mind is good as long as it is thinking/generating data points/generating boundary(initial) conditions i.e. even if it thinks negative thoughts.

If it is generating a negative data points it will be a catalyst for another mind which will counteract it, and not only destroy IT but also future negative-thoughts-generating-minds.

Thank you for reading this small/tiny post.

Why there are not enough vaccination despite rollouts.

Dr. Fauci said “CDC approval is gold standard”. But still it is not 100% accurate. Which is further fueled by some of the reaction emerged from initial vaccinations. Govt. is slowing down the vaccination just to make sure there is no mass reactions. That is why the ratio(alpha) of vaccine delivered to the vaccination is way above than 1 (5-6). In ideal case scenario it shall be exactly equal to 1. What my hypothesis is, govt’s experts are using “wait and watch” approach for the “final approval” for a vaccine already approved by CDC. Once 4-5 months are done and there is no mass reactions then the alpha will approach 1, OVERNIGHT. And i think why the alpha took more than a week to approach 1 is the difference between “Gold standard of CDC approval” and THE gold standard of approval.

Of Course the officials can’t disclose it because it will fuel the panic already worsened by covid19 .

Please let me know what are your thoughts.

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Relativity in behaviour.

Let’s try to build a analogy between achieving thing-A in life with the running. Let’s imagine there is running track of 10 km length. And in contrast to real life if you want to win this race you not only have to finish 10 Km but you have to finish it as many other people as you can.

The more people you are running with to complete that 10 kms the more chances that you will finish that 10 km and vice-versa. Now your job is to find those people which you think has maximum chances of finishing 10 km. If you don’t find anyone, dont worry find those people who will atleast finish 9 Km with you. If you still didnt find anybody then still dont worry find those people who will finish atleast 8 km. And you can keep on doing it until you find atleast 1 person who will run 1 if not 2 if not 3 if not 4 if not 5 if not 6 if not 7 if not 8KM with you.

Now be very, extra, careful some people will make it look like they can finish 10 km but they can hardly go beyond 1 km mark. On the other hand always look out for the people who can finish 10 kms but somehow they are not able to connect with you by themself. So apply this filter and screen your gang.

Now you should associate yourself with this gang and you shall have highest chances of finishing 10 kms race!

Let’s generalize this concept one step further. Anything in life a person can do ,no matter good thing or bad thing, can be replaced with that “race”. You have to run race for everything. And for bad “race” you don’t want to finish that race but still you need as many people as you can have to help you not to finish that race. Entropy will work opposite in this one. In good race, you will not want to finish them due to natural inclination. In bad race, you will WANT to finish them due to natural inclination. So find your “gang” who will help you not to even the start(best case scenario) the race in case “bad race” scenario i.e. smoking. On the other hand find your “gang” who will help you to finish the race i.e. reading a book a month.

I will continue this post in future.

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Ironic behaviour of the people.

Today I was checking newsletter i receives from http://www.zerohedge.com. Below pictures is the screenshot of two articles in the today’s (Aug 21, 2020) newsletter. First let me gives you background about the guy who manages this blog: he is the guy whom the whole wall street was following during 2011 flash crash. Suddenly to the white collar professionals a guy running a blog from his apartment appears more valuable as a source for information than big media house i.e. The Wall Street Journal.

And now look at below two articles. Did you notice an irony, in the first article he is supporting a claim that says do not wear masks it is against our freedom/rights. And in the very next article he wants to know what is happening in another nation which is probably internal affairs of that nation. So he wants other people to respect his freedom rights but he do not want himself to respect the freedom rights of other people.

This newsletter made my day.

When public health means business – public forum.

Today I was attending a health forum put together by Harvard public health division with same name as the title of this post.[1]

  1. Dr. Fauci gave very good step by step explanation of how research should be conducted around being 25 mins into the forum. In general, his main message was about being humble to the science no matter who you are.
  2. Dr. Fauci explains how assumptions are made, and when they become facts.
  3. Dr. Fauci explains what is exact model the USA federal government is following to distribute the projects to private sectors to develop the vaccines.
  4. He explains that until recently he use to follow very well established protocol to decide when a particulate will become aerozol and not. He said, in his community if a particle is more than 5 micro-meter in size then it will fall off the ground and if it is smaller than that then it will keep floating in air. And just recently he get a letter from probably a particle physicist and definitely from a person outside of his field suggesting him that he need to look at this assumption again as in his field of research they come across the particles which are much bigger than 5micro-meter but still keep floating in air for comparatively longer period of time. And Dr. Fauci was showing much respect to this person while saying he is going to have a conference with this person within next 2 days. Having knowledge about Mechanical Engineering, it is hard for me to understand how one community of researchers can think that force of gravity is a function of size while it clearly is a function of mass or moment of inertia at the best according to another community of researchers. Maybe this is a perfect example of how easy it is for one field to fall into local minima of knowledge about a subject which has definitely found global minima in its core field.

[1] https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/coronavirus/covid-19-news-and-resources/when-public-health-means-business/

How we focus.

People say if you can’t focus your eye on one thing you don’t have a focus. Now question here is, what we are looking at when we are looking at for example at our own eye in mirror. Are we focusing on the “atoms” of the mirror reflecting image of our eye or we are focusing on atoms making up our eye.

Next question is, here atom is yet to be discovered. We don’t even know what is atom according to its definition. So I think as long as we are following atleast one other person on definition of focusing we shall be alright in game of focusing on something.

Will China overcome USA?

Today I was listening to Episode 3 of podcaste All-IN with Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, & David Friedberg.[1]

A point in time arrive when the consensual agreement was China will soon take over USA in terms of biggest economy in the world. And majority was citing government model in China which can be reason it can’t happened.

My thesis is, it can never happen. In order it to be occure you have to establish a new country where everybody is outsider, and nobody is insider. Which USA is and China is not.

[1] https://thisweekinstartups.com/e1-all-in-with-chamath-palihapitiya-jason-calacanis-us-response-to-covid-19-impact-on-startups-venture-capital-public-markets-with-david-friedberg/